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My passion and talent for clothing and textiles made me a designer at an early age. I was born and educated in Sweden where my design experience started. Career opportunities brought me to New York and San Fransisco for ten years and later to Italy where my design work evolved with the luxury market.


My strength is to take a new design concept, develop it and oversee a team of designers and technical support to turn that concept into a reality. I work very closely with the design team and technical support, to achieve the form we are looking for, always with an international consumer in mind.



My design studio is located in Biella, Italy, where many of the finest wool and luxury fiber fabrics are produced. I often travel to clients for presentations, meetings, fittings and styling throughout Asia, North America, and the E.U.. The studio provides a customized service depending on the needs of each project. Working with a network of industry professionals, we are available to develop collections (design, color, and material), graphic artwork (labels, catalogues and websites), visuals (photography, video  and collection presentations), as well as architecture (shop, showroom and

fair displays). 

I believe that style lives in many things, nature, music and on the street. Elegance is always part of the equation. The design process starts with color, material, form and proportions, because this dictates how a collection is going to evolve. I feel that true style is timeless and ever changing, and that is the beauty of design.

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